Sustainable Seafood in Compostable Packaging

Successful launch of our new compostable packaging for our frozen seafood products at SEAFOOD Expo Brussels 2019..

At this years Seafood Expo Global we launched a new compostable bag for our frozen seafood products. After a successful first step, and hearing many enthusiastic responses, we are now ready for the next step:

A desire to make an impact and create a movement has led to Verwijs Import & Export’s evolvement into the usage of compostable packaging. By doing this we hope to make you, the consumer, think consciously about the impact non-reusable plastic packaging has on the environment; and together we can raise awareness of its excessive production. Our aim being, not only to keep urban locations clean but more importantly, our seas, where our products originate. In turn reducing the negative factors associated with the seafood industry.

Our brand new packaging is made from agricultural waste residues: making them fully compostable in industrial facilities. As proof, they all carry the ‘OK Compost’ logo and ‘Seedling’ logo. As well as this, we possess the ability to manufacture Home Compostable Packaging.

A combination of our MSC and ASC frozen fish products, supplied in our brand new compostable packaging, is what makes Verwijs Import & Export an ambitious visionary within the industry. Several of our products will be made available in bags from
500gr – 5kg with our STAR PRIDE® logo.

“Sharing Our Success With Our Customers” is something new we would like to offer to you. To demonstrate our understanding of the wants and needs of our customers we now, exclusively, offer the possibility to print private labelling on our packaging. Enabling you to take your product range to the next level.

People look for change…
At Verwijs Import & Export we have taken the first step, and together, we have the potential to create a better and cleaner future.
Fostering sustainability through innovation.